Are Traeger Grills Electric?

are traeger grills electric

The barbecues from Traeger, for example, are pellet grills that make it simple to smoke your food and cook it to perfection. These grills are simple to use since all you have to do is load the hopper with pellets, choose your temperature, and wait for your food to cook.

Unlike Traeger pellet grills, which need electricity to function, gas and charcoal grills are messier to use.

In this post, we examine whether all Traeger grills require electricity and discuss how to operate them outside without having access to an electrical outlet.


How are Traeger Grills Powered?

How are Traeger Grills Powered

The auger that feeds real hardwood pellets to the fire and the fan that moves heat and smoke around the grill are both powered by electricity in Traeger grills, ensuring consistent results. 100% natural hardwood pellets are used to fuel the fire in a Traeger grill.


Electrical Requirement

For proper functioning, Traeger grills require a 3-prong outlet placed close to the grill. To prevent electrocution or shock, GFCI protection is necessary. In order to allow the cable to reach and avoid shock, the manufacturer advises positioning the grill no more than 6 feet from a grounded outlet.


Does every Traeger grill have to be plugged in?

Yes. Traeger’s grills are electric grills with several electrical components; thus, they must be plugged in to operate. Wood pellets cannot be ignited or fed into the auger without electricity.

Traeger grill have to be plugged in

Traeger’s grills don’t work similarly to electric grills; hence, they aren’t considered to be electric grills. Instead of using electricity, a Traeger barbecue grills and cooks meals using wood pellets. This implies that you have to connect your Traeger barbecue to a wall outlet.


Traeger Grills That Require Electricity

The following Traeger grills need electricity, according to the owner’s manuals we checked:

  • Pro 780

  • Pro 575

  • Ironwood 650

  • Ironwood 885

  • Timberline 1300

  • Timberline 850

  • Scout

  • Tailgater

  • Ranger

  • Large Commercial

  • Traeger XL


Electric Pellet Grills’ Negative Aspects

Even though electric Traeger grills are very simple to operate and make delicious meals, the fact that these barbecue smokers need power has a few drawbacks.

  1. Requires a socket nearby

  2. Temperature Fluctuations

Requires a Socket Nearby

You must have a nearby outlet, which is one of the greatest drawbacks of an electric pellet grill and any grill that requires a power outlet. The wire that comes with Traeger grills is decently lengthy but doesn’t go very far. This indicates that you must have a mains outlet close to your grill.

However, there are a few more options, such as using an extension cord or a battery with an inverter, to power your electric pellet barbecue outside.

Temperature Fluctuations

The inconsistency of the cooking temperature produced by pellet grills driven by electricity is another drawback.

Traeger pellet grills, in contrast to electric and gas grills, feature a drip-fed method that uses an electronically controlled auger to feed pellets into the firebox of the smoker. Bit by bit, the pellets drop into the firebox since there isn’t a steady stream of them, which causes temperature changes and tiny inconsistencies.

This simulates cooking over a campfire while using an electric pellet smoker, such as a Traeger grill.


How Much Power Is Used By A Traeger Grill?

The electricity needed to operate a Traeger grill is not excessive. As the electricity is used only to operate some basic functionality, like a thermometer and auger, it doesn’t need a lot of electricity.

The real cooking on a Traeger pellet grill is done with wood pellets, so you only require a small amount of electricity to run your Traeger smoker. The electricity required to operate a Traeger grill is much lower than running a fully electric grill.


How Many Amps Does A Traeger Grill Use?

You need to be aware of how much electricity your smoker consumes in order to use your Traeger for a fantastic BBQ. Your Traeger pellet grill uses very little electricity; however, it often requires a little extra to get going.

In the first ten minutes, Traeger grills consume 4 Amps, but only 1.5 Amps are needed to run the system’s components.


Do Other Pellet Grills Need Electricity?

Similar to the Traeger, other pellet grills employ an auger to progressively feed pellets into a fire pot. Other pellet grills’ augers need power to function. Other pellet grill components, including the controller, also require an electrical power supply.

No matter what type of pellet grill you choose to purchase, you will need a nearby electrical outlet in order to use it. To confirm the required electricity for a certain pellet grill, see the grill handbook.


Final Thoughts

Traeger grills burn wood pellets as fuel; however, some crucial electronic parts of the grill require power to function.


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