How Long Will Turkey Last in the Fridge? (Additional Warning Signs)

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How Long Does Turkey Last in the Fridge?

Depending on whether the turkey has been cooked earlier or not, it can keep in the refrigerator for one to four days. Inadequately refrigerated food can expire quickly and encourage the spread of microorganisms.

To prevent food poisoning, it is crucial to understand how long certain types of food will stay in the fridge. You may avoid having to throw away food that has gone bad by having a proper plan for storing your supplies.

Take a look at some of the most crucial facts that may help you keep leftover turkey if you intend to save any turkey (raw or even cooked) and want to better understand how you can accomplish it.


How Long Does Cooked Turkey Last in the Fridge?


Using cooked turkey within 3 to 4 days while keeping it chilled (at 40 °F or below) is advised by the USDA. Bacterial growth is slowed but not stopped by refrigeration. 3 to 4 months of frozen turkey are possible. Even though they are always safe, frozen leftovers might dry up and lose flavor if kept there for an extended period of time.


Never keep leftovers out in the open. The “Danger Zone,” defined as the temperature range between 40 °F and 140 °F, is where pathogenic bacteria may proliferate quickly. One cannot usually detect the presence of a disease since it does not alter the flavor, smell, or look of food. 


To avoid food spoilage and lower your chance of contracting a foodborne disease, the USDA advises following the four stages of food safety (clean, separate, cook, and chill).


How Long Does Raw Turkey Last in the Fridge?


In the refrigerator, raw turkey can be stored for a few days before turning bad. Your raw turkey must be properly stored in the refrigerator to prevent further deterioration.

Since the bacteria reproduce quickly at temperatures of 40 °F or above, it doesn’t take long. Your meat may eventually start to exhibit indications of deterioration if you wait too long.

The greatest turkey to purchase is one that will be eaten soon because of this.

The “two-hour rule” for leftovers must also be followed while storing raw turkey in the refrigerator.

Food that has been left out at room temperature for longer than two hours has to be thrown away. Turkey can become contaminated with microorganisms, so it’s vital to exercise caution.

Any dinner would benefit from having a turkey as the star, but it’s crucial to be aware of how long it may stay in the fridge before cooking.

Make sure to store your meat in a suitable location at the appropriate temperature to prevent any unpleasant shocks. You may eat your turkey worry-free if you keep this in mind.


How to Store Leftover Turkey


  • As the meat cools, gently cover it with foil to prevent airborne microorganisms from touching it.

  • After it has cooled, thoroughly wrap it up or chop it up and place it in a food storage container before placing it in the refrigerator.

  • Store it away from raw meat since the fluids might taint it.


How Can You Tell If Turkey Is Bad?

Watch out for any indications that your turkey has lost its freshness. Consumers may detect rotten turkey using their senses, according to Snyder. “Frozen leftover turkey that has gone bad may be slimy or smell bad.

You can tell whether the turkey has been frozen by how it looks—if it is tough or dry, or if it has become discolored.




Is Turkey Still Good After 7 Days?

Since cooked turkey is only suitable for consumption for three to four days following refrigeration, it is not acceptable after seven days if it is kept in the refrigerator.

However, if you freeze your turkey, it will keep for a while before turning bad.


Can I Store a Fresh Turkey for a week in the Fridge?


One to two days in the refrigerator are safe for fresh turkey. The turkey will start to exhibit indications of deterioration if you wait much longer. Freeze it if you can’t finish cooking it within 48 hours.


What Happens If You Eat Old Turkey?


You could have food poisoning symptoms after consuming stale turkey. Fever, chills, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting are just a few of the signs of a foodborne infection.


Conclusions Regarding Turkey’s Safety


A cooked turkey may be kept in the refrigerator for three to four days; however, a raw turkey would often only survive one or two days.

You must keep in mind that other aspects, like the temperature of your fridge and freezer, will be important if you are not planning to use your turkey within those timeframes.

It is usually advisable to throw away your turkey if you are unclear whether it has gone bad.

Since eating contaminated meat can seriously harm you, it is better to be cautious than sorry.

You should have plenty of time to organize your supper if you keep these suggestions in mind!

It will be less stressful to prepare for a feast if you have a better grasp of how long your turkey will keep in the refrigerator.

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