Griddle vs. Grill (Important Information)


We often use one of two methods: a grill or a griddle, when we want to cook a large quantity of food at once over high heat. Both have a lot of surface area, are appropriate for cooking at high temperatures, and may be used for outdoor cooking.


Griddle vs. Grill – We aim to assist you in determining the best outdoor cooking companion and in making an informed decision.


This article will explore the unique features, benefits, and drawbacks of griddles and grills.


What is a Griddle?


A griddle is a flat, metal cooking surface heated from below, similar to a frying pan in a classic diner. It’s suitable for granular foods like rice and liquid-heavy foods like pancakes or eggs, and it can cook nearly anything on it, just like a frying pan.


Types of Griddle


Simple cooking tools like griddles are available in a wide range of sizes and forms, so they may be used in any type of cooking.


Freestanding Griddles


Freestanding griddles like the Blackstone Gas Griddle or Pit Boss 4 Burner Gas Griddle offer a large, flat cooking area in backyards, attached to a stand and cart.

The majority of freestanding griddles have numerous burners installed beneath the steel cooking surface and are powered by gas.

Selecting the right type of table can enhance movement, make cleaning easier, and provide foldable side tables for efficient food preparation.

Tabletop Griddles

Tabletop griddles are portable cooking surfaces that can be used on the tabletop for camping or barbecues, resembling hot plates.

They may be put away without taking up much closet space and used in the kitchen to make a delicious breakfast.

The fantastic illustration showcases the popularity of the Blackstone Tabletop Gas Griddle, a portable and easy-to-store item measuring 17.5 x 18 x 8.5 inches.

The Blackstone Table Top 17 has a modest size, but its burners provide 12,000 BTUs of cooking heat, which is more than enough to get food cooked swiftly and efficiently.

Insert Griddles

An insert griddle is a flat, square cooking surface that can be put over a heating source or firepit to transform it into a griddle. It is typically an addition to a BBQ or grill.

An insert griddle enhances the functionality of a gas BBQ or charcoal grill set-up, providing a convenient alternative to investing in a freestanding griddle.


What is a Grill?


A grill’s cooking surface is made up of many slatted cooking grates that are often hanging over a charcoal firepit or gas burners, as opposed to a griddle’s single-fat surface.

Meat browns on a grill due to the open flame, allowing fat and water to flow down, enhancing the Maillard reaction and providing a smoky flavor, making wood and charcoal grills popular.

Griddle vs. Grill Comparison


The primary characteristics of both products that make grills a superior choice in various cooking settings are listed below.



A crucial consideration when preparing food is the temperature, with grills reaching 400 °F (204.44 °C) for a wide range of cooking options, while griddles only reach 350 °F (176.67 °C), making steak cooking a challenge.

On your griddle, cooking steak will probably result in an outer that is overdone and an inside that is raw.

Grease Control

Grilling is healthier than griddling as it prevents fat from draining and congregates around food, while grilling allows grease to drain between slats, making it easier to reuse without re-soiling the grill.

Grease must be removed from a griddle after each cooking session, or else your grilled cheese or quesadilla may taste like bacon grease!


As was already noted, many people believe they can cook more on a griddle, but in reality, you can cook almost anything on a grill, plus more.

Grill surfaces may not suit certain foods like quesadillas, eggs, pancakes, or baked beans, but frying pans and griddle adapters can be used to cook these foods.

A griddle cannot be claimed to be like this. We are not aware of any griddle that has a grill attachment. As a result, once you buy a griddle, you can only use it to prepare foods that require a griddle.

Griddles are suitable for breakfast due to their flat, smooth surface, but they struggle to cook baked beans and can only cook a few items at a time. Despite this, they can prepare an entire dinner on a grill.

Fuel Selection

Griddles have a single fuel option: electric for home use or gas for travel. They cannot use charcoal or wood pellets. 

On the other hand, grills allow you to choose the fuel source, and some even have multiple options, like adding wood chips for a specific flavor. If you’re picky about meat flavor or fuel source, it’s better to select a grill for flexibility.


The griddle could triumph in this particular category. Griddles are often portable due to their size and practically universal use of gas or electricity. However, there are many little grill choices available that are ideal for your balcony, camping vacations, and tailgating.

Pick a portable grill for space-saving, but it allows for more simultaneous frying than a griddle.

The list includes our top picks for small grills:


  • Coleman Roadtrip 285

  • Char-Griller Patio Pro

  • Green Mountain Trek


Don’t be too focused on mobility; you can get portable versions of grills that are either gas, charcoal, or pellet. 



A grill is perfect for household usage since it provides storage that a griddle normally does not. While electric grills are flat pans with plugs, griddles are rectangular containers that carry propane cans.

Although they sometimes have less room, outdoor griddles offer some storage space. A grill is the best option if you wish to store stuff in or near your cooking technique.


Most of the time, you can’t upgrade a griddle once you get it. For the duration of the griddle’s life, what you buy is what you receive.

There are countless upgrading possibilities for grills. Most grills allow you to add a griddle adapter, and some even have one you can attach to the side to save room. But there are also options available, like side burners, pizza ovens, and more.

A grill can be purchased in two stages: the basic grill and any additional accessories you wish to customize. This makes customizing a grill rather than a griddle for your household much simpler.

Storing Your Appliance

Because of its compact size, the griddle is simpler to store because it can be kept in a cupboard. Compared to a grill, it is easier to transport and can be compressed.

A propane griddle, however, needs large propane bottles. Despite having little room for storage, many grills can be folded and placed on a shelf, making them a practical choice for people with a small home.


Which is Better For You? 


The short response is both!

Having both a grill and a griddle offers versatility in cooking at different temperatures and preparing various cuisines.

An insert griddle allows for both, even if space is limited, allowing for breakfast preparation the next morning and steak cooking the night before.


Do You Need a Grill if You Have a Griddle?


To achieve desired cooking results, use both a grill and a griddle, as they differ in design and construction, allowing for a more uniform surface and less direct flame exposure.


Wrapping It All Up


You can now choose the appropriate grill or griddle based on your preferences, or combine both for optimal cooking results.

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