Our Manual For safely Using An Extension Cord with Your Pellet Grill

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You are aware that the key to ideal cooking is a proper BBQ setup. What happens, though, if you have to move your pellet grill far enough from the power source? Can you use an extension cord?


It’s not as simple as it sounds to choose an extension cord for your appliance. There are several inquiries that could arise, including the following:


  • Can You Use an Extension Cord for a Pellet Grill?

  • What Gauge Extension Cord Do You Need for a Pellet Grill?

  • How Many Amps Does a Pellet Grill Use?

  • What to Watch Out For in an Extension Cord?

  • Best Extension Cord for a Pellet Grill

  • Is using an Extension Cord with a Pellet Grill Dangerous?

 In this essay, I’m going to answer all of these queries regarding extension cables.

Let’s get started!


Can You Use an Extension Cord for a Pellet Grill?

The good news is that most pellet grills can be used with an extension cable. Since you want to use the extension cable outside, all you need to do is make sure it has the appropriate gauge and is rated for outside usage.

Find out more about the sort of extension cable you should choose for your pellet grill by reading on!


What Gauge Extension Cord Do You Need for a Pellet Grill?

Use a 12- or 14-gauge extension cord and attempt to get the shortest cord possible to suit your needs for the greatest results. Extension cables should never be connected to each other. Starting with a 10-foot, 12-gauge, or 14-gauge extension chord is what we advise.

Additionally, be sure your extension cord has a grounding plug and is made for outside use. Never plug a pellet barbecue into an interior extension cable.

Additionally, you shouldn’t use a 16- or 18-gauge extension cable with your pellet grill, since they are made for lesser usage and might be destroyed. Keep in mind that when it comes to cord gauging, a lower number indicates the cord is better suited for heavy-duty applications.

Additionally, keep in mind that even if a cable is waterproof, leaving it outside all year is generally not a smart idea. We advise keeping your extension cable indoors and securing it to your pellet grill only when you are really using it.


How Many Amps Does a Pellet Grill Use?

You will probably find an amp rating for each extension cable you consider when you purchase it. The majority of pellet grill brands typically need 8 to 15 amps of electricity. You should thus search for an extension cable that can handle at least 15 amps.


What to Watch Out For in an Extension Cord

Pay attention to the following when getting a new extension cable for your pellet grill:

  • How well-made the cord’s material is

  • 12 or 14 gauge

  • The wire resistance

  • Grounding prong

  • Rated for 15amps

  • Type of the plug

  • Color

  • Whether it’s a multi plug


Best Extension Cord for a Pellet Grill

We advise using this Aiychen 10-foot, 12-gauge extension cord, which is made especially for outdoor use. It has a watertight shell and the three prongs required for grounding. It is approved for use with equipment requiring up to 15 amps.

Of course, 10 feet might not be sufficient for certain users, so Aiychen also offers a 25-foot chord. If you want even more time, you must consider an alternative manufacturer, such as Southwire.

Both the 50-foot and 100-foot extension cords from Southwire should work with your pellet barbecue. To reduce some of the risks associated with extension cords, try to use the shortest cord you can.


Is Using an Extension Cord with a Pellet Grill Dangerous?


Although using an extension cable with a pellet grill might be a bit risky, it is no more risky than if you were using the extension cord with something else. Extension cables may generate a lot of heat and ignite flames when used incorrectly, making them rather dangerous in and of themselves.

You shouldn’t experience any issues utilizing your pellet barbecue with an extension cable as long as you get the right one and always keep a watch on it.



Will Using An Extension Cord Affect My cooking Time?

When using an extension cord, most people won’t notice a change in the cooking time. However, as lengthy extension cables have a higher resistance, utilizing one might have an impact on how the grill cooks.

For instance, a 20-amp, 50-foot, 12-gauge line will have a 3.33% voltage drop. A bigger voltage drop will result from the greater current flow.



They are not only simple to use and safe, but also simple to clean.

Unfortunately, the installed connection is only 6 to 12 feet long, making it difficult for them to use an outlet.

Fortunately, you can safely use an extension cable to keep the grill away from the walls of your home and to make sure smoke isn’t drifting inside. Just make sure it’s the appropriate gauge, length, and outside use rating.


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